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Services Provided

Al Khatib vending can serve you upon your requirements:

We are dealing with vending machines of different types that can be used in any location to serve you, your employees and/or your customers. These machines are of top quality European vending machines. These machines can offer hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks.

We can supply your premises with any machine of your choice which can serve your people at your site with no or minimal cost on you, moreover, you have no responsibility regarding servicing the machines, our qualified team will take care of that for you by keeping them in high quality hygienic condition. For any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our office at your convenient time on the enclosed contact numbers.

Services Provided

Our operators are trained to service the machines professionally and keep them in highly hygienic condition. We take care of the machines at your site without disturbing your staff to keep your office running smoothly. The machines will be cleaned and maintained daily or according to your advice. Our engineers are qualified to respond to any problem that may occur during the use of the machines, they can visit your site according to your convenient time to repair and rectify the problem.

Al Khatib vending can serve you upon your requirements:

  • A contract can be set for servicing the machines.
  • You can purchase the machine and we service it for you.
  • You can purchase the machine and you service it. Our engineers can train your representative on how to fill and clean the machines.

Al Khatib vending has a fully equipped workshop to maintain and repair most of vending machines as well as a complete setup to reprogram and service NRI coin mechanisms.

With the excellent record of accomplishment and experience of over 10 years, we have the ability of supplying various vending machines, ingredients and products to serve your customers including those mentioned below:

- Hot Drinks (coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso...) 
- Soft Drinks (water, juice, Pepsi...) 
- Snacks (chips, chocolates, biscuits...) 

The coin mechanism is essential in the vending machine, a high quality coin system is very important to keep the machine running smoothly with minimum faults.

Al Khatib Vending Company is the distributor of NRI coin system that is one of the leading manufacturers’ of coin mechanism worldwide.

Al Khatib vending is using top quality vending ingredients to match your taste of hot drinks as coffee beans, instant coffee, instant tea, chocolate, cappuccino and cappuccino topping, from leading European companies.

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