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Cash Code

A new flexible approach to your payment solution needs. CashCode’s BackLoad series bill validators are the most versatile, reliable, high-performance bill validators on the market.
  • 1.7 sec. validating speed
  • Up stack, down stack or horizontal models
  • Multiple cassette sizes
CashCode’s BackLoad Validator is the perfect solution for multi-country currency validation. The BackLoad is typically front door mounted in the host machine. Offering either stacker up or stacker down mounting configurations, the BackLoad is ideal for Parking, Vending and Amusement and applications and even comes in a solar power optimized version.

Selecting the right interface for your 12V or 24V application is made easy with the flick of a switch. And you can choose a unique coin/vandal-resistant metal bezel or a standard bezel—both include built-in self diagnostic flash code indicators. Our auto-calibrating/auto-tuning feature, ensures every time a bill is inserted, the BackLoad self-calibrates and self-tunes, eliminating the need for optical adjustments and calibration papers.
Advanced Sensor Technology. The BackLoad bill validator is designed to provide maximum authentic currency validation. Multi-color optic sensors simultaneously scan both sides of the bill for optimal pattern recognition. A patented, non-contact inductive sensor maximizes counterfeit detection; and a scientifically developed dielectric sensor detects paper density, security threads and watermarks. The result? A validation rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion—just what you’d expect from the industry leader in
patented bill validation technology.

Versatility. Ideal for door-mounted applications, the BackLoad bill validator installs in an up or down stacking configuration, and is available with coated circuit boards for “salting” protection.

Battery / Solar Power Optimized. CashCode’s 12V MDB BackLoad version with sleep mode allows Solar Powered pay and display terminals and/or vending machines to be installed virtually anywhere. The BackLoad Validator runs with only minimal power during sleep mode. 10μA vs 100 – 200 mA in normal operation. Reduced power results in less batteries being replaced and fewer service calls being placed.

BlueChip™. Validation software updates are now quick and easy with CashCode’s BlueChip™ smart-stick memory that updates software and/or firmware in a flash.

Lockable-Removable Cassettes. Designed to protect your bottom-line, our high-security, lockable-removable metal cassettes are sold separately, and can be equipped with up to three custom locks.

Bill Width Validated

67 or 71 mm wide (fixed-width)
62 - 78 mm wide (multi-width)

Complete Transport Cycle

1.7 sec (fixed-width)
2.5 sec (multi-width)

Bill Insertion


Validation Rate

96% or higher


One bill


Auto-calibrating multi-color optical, dielectric, inductive, and barcode reader

Security Sensors

Cross-channel (anti-stringing) and dual-entry

Bezel Options

Standard, Running lights, coin/vandal-resistant metal bezel

Interfaces Supported

12V: pulse, serial or bi-directional (with TTL or RS232)


24V: MDB, single price, CCNet, CashCode serial, MDB,
pulse, and most other industry protocols

Firmware Updates

BlueChip™ Smart-Stick memory or downloadable

Validation M.T.B.F.

750,000 cycles

Dimensions (W x H x D)

104 x 266 x 87mm


< 1.2 kg

Cassette Sizes Available

400, 600 or 1500 (fixed-width); 150, 300 (horizontal);
300, 500, 1000 (multi-width)

Cassette Options Standard: up to two custom locks
High-security Gaming: up to three custom locks
Manufactured in Canada

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