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The electronic coin validator G-13.mft (multi-frequency technology) in standardized 3 1/2" format is based on the tried and tested features of the G-13.6000/G-13.7000. Due to its modular and compact design, the G-13.mft is ideally suited for amusement, vending and service machines. 

The multi frequency technology is new in the G-13.mft validator. 
It provides more flexibility for the measuring sensors. 

Multiple scanning of the coins inserted guarantees optimum material recognition and evaluation of 24 measuring parameters for reliable acceptance of genuine coins and rejection of false coins. 

Thanks to the coin validator's flash technology, software updates to optimize the firmware, i.e. adapting the measuring technology and control system, can be executed quickly and simply.

The G-13.mft is able to accept and data-manage up to 32 different coin types, which can be divided into 2 x 16 coin groups, and thus activated as two independant configurations (e.g. two currencies with up to 16 coin types each).

To be able to react as quickly as possible to new false coins and to enable you to make your individual adjustments, you can connect the coin validator to a PC programming station in the workshop, or to a Palm™ handheld with the NRI Palm™ application "PalmEMP2" at the machine on site.

Coins or tokens that have not been programmed at NRI before delivery can be taught in the teach mode directly at the machine and without any configuration tools, simply by inserting coins.

The G-13.mft features at a glance

• Compatible with many different machine interfaces 

• Small and compact dimensions for various applications 

• Multi-frequency technology for reliable coin recognition 

• Several acceptance bands with different acceptance tolerances for reliable rejection of    false coins 

• Operating and manipulation safety thanks to optical acceptance sensors in coin outlet    area 

• Acceptance speed of 2 coins per second (Casino model: 5-6 coins/second) 

• Coins can be inhibited individually or in groups on site 

• Up to eight tokens/coin types can be taught on site (teach mode) 

• Interface for programming station or Palm™ handheld which makes immediate reaction    to the use of false coins possible 

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