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NRI G-40

The electronic coin validator G−40 in the standardized 5" format is available with a parallel or serial S1⁄cctalk vending machine interface, including internal sorting, and with top entry or front entry.

Devices with a parallel vending machine interface are designed in compliance with the BDTA standard (German tobacco association)  or with the BACTA standard (British Amusement Catering Trade Association).

General information

With which vending machine interfaces is the G−40 available
The internal sorting of the G−40
The G−40 properties at a glance

General information 

Sixteen measuring parameters provide great flexibility in the measuring sensor system. The multiple scanning of inserted coins guarantees optimum material recognition and evaluation for reliable acceptance of genuine coins or rejection of false coins. Due to its modular and compact design, the G−40 is ideally suited for amusement, vending and service machines.

  • Gambling machines (G−40 AWP, SWP)
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Cash-box systems, changegivers
  • Tobacco⁄cigarette machines
  • Access control machines and parking ticket machines
  • Vending machines (hot/cold beverages, snacks, etc.)
Thanks to the flash technology of the FT coin validator with a serial vending machine interface, firmware updates for updating the operating software, i.e. for adapting the measuring equipment and control system, can be carried out quickly and easily. 

The G−40 with a parallel vending machine interface, as well as the G−40.FT with a serial vending machine interface, can accept and data-manage up to 32 different coin types, which are divided into 2 x 16 coins and can be switched as two independent configurations (e.g. two currencies with up to 16 coin types each).

To be able to react as quickly as possible to new false coins and to make your individual settings, you can connect the coin validator to a PC programming station in the workshop or on site in the vending machine to a Palm-OS® handheld with the NRI Palm-OS® application "PalmEMP". 

Coins or tokens that have not been taken into account at the manufacturer's company can also be taught in the teach mode directly at the vending machine by inserting coins without using any configuration tools. 

With which vending machine interfaces is the G−40 available? 

The G−40 is available to you in many different models in order to ensure that this coin validator is compatible with as many vending machine interfaces as possible:
  • Parallel interface
    • G −40 BDTA (in accordance with the standard of the federal association of German tobacco product wholesalers and vending machine installers)

      G−40 BACTA AWP/SWP (Amusement-With-Prize⁄Skills-With-Prize devices for the British gambling machine market)

    Serial interface

    G−40 S1 (FT) (S1 = MDB-based (Multi Drop Bus) and NRI-specified serial communication protocol) 

    G−40 cctalk (FT) (cctalk = serial communication protocol specified by Money Controls) S1 slave (not BDTA-standardized)

The internal sorting of the G−40

In order to be able to sort the accepted coins into the cash-box or, e.g., into change tubes or hoppers, the G−40 is also available on an optional basis with an internal 5-fold sorting device. The individual coins can be distributed across the five successively arranged sorting chutes (longitudinal sorting) independently of their dimensions. They can define each chute as a cash-box chute. For the purpose of splitting-up and for better further transport of the coins to be sorted, a 5-fold sorting adapter can be installed on the coin outlet of AWP and SWP coin validators. 

As an alternative, the G−40 with a serial S1 or cctalk interface can also be equipped with a transverse sorting system. In that case, the five sorting chutes will be set up next to one another.

The G−40 properties at a glance
  • Compatible with many different vending machine interfaces
  • Several acceptance bands with various acceptance tolerances for reliable rejection of false coins
  • Operating and manipulation safety provided by optical accepted coin sensors in the coin outlet area
  • Acceptance speed of three coins per second
  • Top entry or front entry model, front entry model with coin return at the bottom or on the side (front)
  • Coins to be inhibited individually on site
  • Option of teaching up to three (serial G−40) or eight (parallel G−40) tokens/coin types on site (teach mode)
  • Interface for programming station or Palm-OS® handheld, which makes immediate reaction to changing market conditions and to new false coins possible
  • Flash technology for uncomplicated and time-saving updates of the coin validator firmware (only for serial G−40)
  • Optional internal 5-fold longitudinal sorting (sorting chutes arranged behind one another)
  • Optional internal 5-fold transverse sorting (sorting chutes arranged next to one another) for G−40 S1 and G−40 cctalk
  • Optional 5-fold sorting adapter (manifold) for AWP and SWP devices
  • Optional front plates
  • Optional string sensor reliably detects coins inserted on a loose or tight string, not available for retrofitting
  • Optional hardness sensor reliably detects false coins made from soft metals and similar materials, not available for retrofitting.
  • Various return levers for specific vending machine dimensions

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